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The Three Pines

We are Terence James Systems Limited. Occasionally we get calls for Terence James; it causes a chuckle because the business was actually built by Terry Baxter and James Harrington. They teamed up in 1979 with several years of systems development behind them. We believe FMA, first live use 1980, to have been the world’s first multicurrency, distributed computing accounts package. Multinational reporting and multilanguage features remain key strengths of the FMA product which we continue to refresh and enhance for the prevailing functional and technical requirements of small, medium and large organisations; a project which will continue until long after the cows come home. Somewhere along the line our customers started asking us to develop other applications, so we diversified; if you need a business application, we like to think we are more qualified than most to produce a splendid result for you.

"In 1981 I was one of a team that chose FMA 3000 as the system for Mecca Leisure. We needed a package which would handle the accounting for the company and its 200 branches. In 1990, when I was Finance Director of Associated Leisure, my IT Manager and my Chief Accountant again recommended FMA 3000. My satisfaction with FMA and TJ Systems' support has been so consistent over the years that I had no hesitation in selecting it again."

- Malcolm Tovey, Finance Director, Pizza Organic Limited

We remain a compact team. Prospective clients sometimes wonder about that but our customers can tell you what it gives them, including better quality control. Yes, TJ Systems is the company which tests its software before delivering it. Of course a bug occasionally escapes our building and troubles a customer, but its remaining life is very short indeed (the bug, not the customer!). We are software developers, developing and maintaining our software here in Penn; we do not outsource any of our development work. We may not be one of the giants but as software houses go, we are well established and a good size; we enjoy it this way.

There is no support barrier between developers and users. We support our customers directly; we know them and they know us – some of our best ideas are born from users’ comments. All but one of our colleagues have been here for at least thirteen years so we have a good understanding of our customers’ operations. Similarly we have no sales or marketing staff; when you talk to TJ Systems you are talking to the delivery team.

"The guys from TJ would never let a client down. They do not promise things they cannot do."

- Rainer Keil, Financial Controller, Micro Warehouse/Inmac, Germany

What are we good at? We have expertise in most computer disciplines - analysis and design, programming, database and network technicalities, the Web and Office. More importantly we have solid business experience as well as our computer skills. A bit of geekiness is helpful from time to time; understanding our customers’ objectives is important all the time. Above all, old-fashioned it may be but if we say we shall do something, you can believe us; we will do it.