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FMA Financial & Management Accounting

Financial Controllers need something more than "financials" software. They need an accounting system with the breadth, flexibility and integrity to allow advanced financial control; financial and analytical accounting within a single responsive, reliable, integrated system. Then every company - small, medium or large - can reap maximum return from its financial applications.

Since 1979 we have been helping our clients to achieve more effective reporting and control through our consultant services and our internationally proven FMA integrated financial and management accounting system.

FMA Integrated Accounting

FMA is developed, maintained and supported by its authors, Terence James Systems Limited of Penn, England.

It has been serving a wide variety of businesses, in the UK, in Germany and internationally, since the first client use in 1980. We continue to develop FMA so that it is always a new system - new techniques and new functionality on its reliable proven base.

FMA is used in manufacturing, distribution, leisure and service industries. Its unique design, based on classical accounting principles whilst employing advanced PC, server, and network techniques, has facilitated its application to the financial and management accounting requirements of companies in fifteen countries.

Since the early days of computers we have seen accounting software developed as discrete ledgers - receivables, payables and general ledger. Users have witnessed the problems - inconsistencies across modules, reconciliation failures, functional deficiencies.

Financial ledgers alone do not provide financial control. Accounting databases need to be detailed, consistent and complete. Then they can be professionally managed to provide business analyses, budget and cash flow management through effective financial reporting.

FMA is an integrated system. The level of integration, surpassing that provided by other financial packages, shows itself in several ways:

  • All balances, all historic details are updated from a single source. Each voucher is entered once, only once, to cause all its consequent ledger updating - debtors, creditors, fixed assets, control accounts, v.a.t., cash, revenue, expense, cost centres, projects as required.
  • Once entered, all data are available for reporting without further user action. The user is not required, as in many systems, to issue any form of "update" or "commit" command.
  • Integrated databases and processes, avoiding complex designs, provide an exceptionally friendly, reliable, high performance system.

The FMA Advantage

  • Designed for its users (accountants and non-financial users), implemented by its users
  • Superlative user-friendliness through a blend of traditional and PC techniques
  • Rapid implementation with minimal training and without IT technicians
  • Powerful ready-made enquiries and reports minimise implementation costs
  • Outstanding reliability with expert support directly from the TJ development team
  • Exceptionally low cost of ownership
  • Powerful analytical capabilities, e.g. cost centres, projects, contracts and product lines
  • Unlimited budgets, forecasts and actual history
  • Unequalled integration of ledgers, including fixed assets, currencies, intra-EU
  • Continuity of support is guaranteed indefinitely

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