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Purchase Orders Management

Purchase Orders Management is an extension to the FMA Financial and Management Accounting System. It provides for purchase orders to be drafted online and approved, amended or rejected under the company's defined authorisation procedures. They can then be confirmed by e-mail, fax or post. As each order is fulfilled, the expected cost is automatically accrued within the FMA ledgers. As suppliers' invoices are received, they are linked to their related purchase orders and deliveries; the accrued liabilities are reversed and any approved price variances automatically posted to the FMA accounts.

Purchase Orders Method

This extension to the FMA Financial and Management Accounting System is designed to handle:

  • Orders for "catalogue items" (goods and services identified by the client's predefined product codes and/or descriptions).
  • Special items and services for which the required descriptions are typed directly by the users.
  • Discrete quantities (e.g. boxes, metres, kilos) or general requests.
  • Pricing per unit, per order line or per order.

Proven productivity benefits for purchasing management include reduced paperwork, more definitive purchase orders, streamlined authorisation, and automated invoice approval. As suppliers' deliveries are received Purchase Orders and the Stock Ledger are updated. Finance departments also benefit from these efficiencies as well as from their online access to more precise, up-to-date commitment and delivery data and the immediacy and accuracy of their accruals.

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